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B2B Connexion is all about connecting people. 

Within B2B Connexion our fields of services & interests vary in terms of activities & focus. Proper planning and thorough due diligence however has become one of our core business activities since we have learned over the years that not everything is always what it seems in the variety of area’s we operate in. We want to understand, see, feel and experience all aspects involved on a project, event or transaction before we engage. This means that we investigate not only our sources but also our customers in order to make sure that we can secure the expected outcome for all parties involved. B2B Connexion is all about “bridging the gap" and/or "connecting the dots" between cultures and those who intent to do business together.

We operate mostly in key markets within the European Union, the United States of America, South America, South Africa and Asia. We adapt to our customers requirements whereas you can see us as non-zero sum negotiators, as success oriented consultants, match-makers or your all round commercial business partner. We get in, deliver results, get out or stay on board as your strategic partner. We have a strong interest in the property market, the hospitality & leisure industry, maritime life, banking and finance and monetising assets.  


Connecting the dots


Bringing people together 


Working together